Corporate Brain-storming & Team-building :

Sleeping up to 10 people on the Shamwari, this offers the perfect space to do some intense brain-storming and team-building especially for Top Management that need to get a whole new perspective on a certain branding, problem, or the way to move forward.

Being so close to nature opens a whole new perspective and let you see a whole new way to proceed - as well as special activities that will ensure healthy and relaxed inter-corporate relations!

Sand-bank Picnics:

One of the most sought after services we offer is a sand bank picnic, where we organize a braai under a gazebo on the banks of the river - really exquisite and close to nature!

Mokoro (watu) Trips: Can be organized should you be interested, this is the way to travel on the Mighty Zambezi River in wooden boats in the Traditional way.

Game Viewing:

On  your  journey  down river  aboard  the  “SHAMWARI’’  you  will  be  enthralled  by the  awe inspiring beauty of the majestic Zambezi River,  lush riparian woodlands and vast floodplains teeming with birdlife, Water Monitors, basking Crocodiles and the ever  present  Hippopotami  lazily passing the time of day in the deeper pools. Cape Clawless Otters are often seen hunting  the many  fish  species  found along  the  shoreline.  

From  July  to November  herds of  elephant  are regularly seen  foraging in the reed-beds or drinking at the waters edge.  

Day  trips by  tenderboats  from  the “SHAMWARI’’  to the  Chobe Game  Park can be arranged.    Cruise through  the  Kasai  Channel  onto the  Chobe  River  and   then  into the  game  park  where an  unbelievable  variety  of  wildlife can be seen.    It is not  uncommon to see herds of Elephant,  Buffalo,  Sable  and   Roan  Antelope,   Kudu,   Impala, 
Giraffe,  pods  of Hippopotami, Crocodiles, Warthog and on occasion
Lions and Wild Dog.

Honeymoons and Anniversaries

Taking note that the Shamwari needs at least 4 people to ensure a trip, you might want to seek another couple to join you onboard, or take best friends as the Shamwari is not meant to travel on alone!  The experience is just too great!
This is a lovely  way to have a "trash the dress" or spend time with a few special people.

Other Activities and Happenings on the  "SHAMWARI"
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