The legendary Tigerfish regarded by many to be the best freshwater gamefish in Africa, is the main species targeted by anglers visiting this section of the Zambezi.  Well known for its aggressive  strike,  savage  strength  and  spectacular  aerial displays  when  hooked,  the tigerfish, with its sleek silver-blue body, bone-plated mouth and razor-sharp teeth certainly lives up to its scientific name Hydrocynus vittatus which aptly translates to ‘striped river-dog’.

Although the tigerfish might be considered ‘king of the river’ the lesser royalty such as the nine sought after angling species of bream inhabiting these waters must not be forgotten as they are a worthy quarry in their own right providing the angler with excellent sportfishing opportunities. The ‘‘SHAMWARI” can be moored in close proximity to any of the renowned fishing localities such as False Mwandi, Mwandi, Greybanks, Golden Pond or Jo Jo’s, names which are synonymous with trophy size fish and where tigerfish in access of the magic eight kilogram mark are regularly boated. Fishing on ‘ones doorstep’ certainly eliminates travelling time and reduces fuel costs as anglers can be fishing at sunrise and return to the "SHAMWARI"  for meals and again fish till sunset. Our competent and experienced river guides will ensure that you have every opportunity to enjoy a successful and memorable fishing experience.
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